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Baroness: A Queen Tribute


Houston’s very own tribute band celebrating everything Queen! Baroness 👑 A Queen Tribute has One Vision: deliver the full Queen experience to new admirers and seasoned diehards alike! Our performances are packed with top hits including Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen, Under Pressure, Hammer To Fall, and Don’t Stop Me Now, to name just a few! Our Baroness will make you go Radio Gaga with her heavy-hitting, yet sultry vocals and Mercury-like moves that capture the essence of Freddie. Our gnarly and proficient instrumentalists will motivate you to Keep Yourself Alive with tantalizing riffs, melodic chords, soul-awakening bass lines, and drums that hammer out beats to keep you moving. Spread Your Wings and follow us venue to venue and fantasize of days where you could Tie Your Mother Down for all of those Fat Bottomed Girls!!