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Cooking Class- Just Pickle It!


Get Ready to Pickle It….


Cauliflower - Sweet

Carrots - Light Sour & Dill

Fresh Green Beans - Spicy


Pickling Brines: Sweet, Sour, Spicy


This class is all about the preservation of vegetables using spices, herbs and vinegar. Do not leave out the amazing umami of everything pickled and the endless benefits! We will learn three different pickling brines and the proper way to prepare your vegetables and jars for “quick pickling”. The quick pickle method allows you to consume your pickles after a couple of hours of proper cooling and keep fresh with proper storage. We will sample our work throughout the process and you will take a jar of each pickle with you. Endless health & other benefits will be an exciting topic during this class. 


Additional snacks will be provided

Bring your own beverages and apron (glassware will be provided)