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Curtis Grimes, Holly Tucker, David Adam Byrnes


Curtis Grimes- With over 50 million digital streams, over 100,000 albums sold, sixteen #1 singles on the Texas Country Music Chart and a #1 song on the national Power Source Christian Country Music Chart, Curtis Grimes has proven to be a force in the country music industry that can’t be denied. To hear Grimes sing is to take a trip through the heart of country music.

Holly Tucker- Holly Tucker, who has been called the Angel of Texas Country Music, is tenaciously proving that great things are worth the wait. After winning the hearts of millions of television viewers in 2013 on Season 4 of NBC’s hit music reality show, The Voice, Holly is leaving her boot print all over Texas Country Music and with fans worldwide. Holly’s musical roots run deep and wide

. David Adam Byrnes- 2022 has been a whirlwind year for country music artist David Adam Byrnes. A consistent flow of song releases along with a tour schedule that has nearly doubled has kept the young artist in an uninterrupted state of “ready, set, go.”