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Dan Vanderburg Book Signing


Dan Vanderburg is a sixth generation Texan currently living in Granbury Texas. He has a passion for Texas History which is evident in his writing. Dan has published 8 books with Dreaming Big as his most recent which was released November 2022. Dan enjoys developing strong characters, with their own unique stories to tell then he places them in & around critical events in history. 

Dreaming Big is his second in the series and is set in 1835 and Stub Lebeaux, a young courageous dwarf, in an effort to follow his quest for adventure & his personal need to prove himself becomes a freedom fighter for Texas' liberty. Find out through his fortitude, grit, and determination to be the man he knew he could be for the women he loves.  He learns what it means to Dream Big & reach his goals! Stub's story is an inspirational story that we all can learn from.

We will have all 8 of Dan's wonderful books on sale at Granbury's Gatsby which can be purchased in advance and held in store till date of signing for your convenience.