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New Orleans Savor Tour


Signature Cocktail Showcase - La Fee Verte 1912 - Absinthe Artisan Cocktail 


Course 1 - Grazing Boards


Benne seed wafers, grapes, nuts, prosciutto, French salami, fig jam, grilled brie, camembert, gruyere, local french baguette & honey


Course 2 - Avery Island Salad 


Locally farmed arugula, heirloom baby potatoes, baby tomato, haricot verts, andouille lardons, pickled quail egg, tabasco infused olive oil and fresh herbs. Served with a champagne & honey dijon accompaniment.


Chef’s Choice Champagne 


Course 3 - Pearl Street Oysters 


Broiled oysters, garlic cream, shallots, tarragon & Absinthe infused butter


Chef’s Choice Sauvignon Blanc


Course 4 - Creole Napoleon Tower


Roasted poblano hominy grit cake stacked with a yellow cornmeal crusted fried green tomato, topped with crawfish and shrimp Creole sherry cream sauce. Finished with local fresh scallions and herbs. 


Chef’s Choice Rose


Course 5 - Crescent City Ice Cream Cocktail


Dessert - Savor Room artisan praline ice cream, dark rum sauce, skewered handcrafted mini beignets & praline bark shard. 


Served with Chicory Coffee 


Chef’s Choice Wine Pairings will showcase three French Wines