Granbury Living Christmas Cards

The Granbury Living Christmas Cards is a biennial event.

The Granbury Living Christmas Cards™ is an outdoor, interactive family event on the historic town square in Granbury, Texas. This holiday extravaganza, which takes place on the second weekend in December, is Lakeside Baptist Church’s FREE gift to the community, presented in partnership with the city of Granbury and Hood County. The festivities last all day long and into the night, culminating with our “super-sized” Christmas cards coming to life!

The Granbury Living Christmas Cards™ was the brainchild of Carey Dyer, minister of music and worship at Lakeside. Carey spent eleven years as a professional entertainer in music theaters, and he had seen and participated in many Christmas events such as pageants, plays, and “Living Christmas Tree” productions. He also grew up going to Disney World with his family, and one of his favorite attractions as a kid was the Carousel of Progress, where the audience rotated around the action. In 2012, Carey enlisted his longtime friend and mentor, Dennis Parrish, to help write and produce the event. “Dennis’ creative fingerprints are all over the production,” Carey notes. “And we were incredibly fortunate to have nationally-renowned artist James Spurlock, one of our church members, take on the huge task of painting the cards. James and his team of helpers hand-painted every inch of them.”

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