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Brian Clowdus is a pioneer in immersive site-specific theater, revolutionizing how modern audiences experience familiar classics. As CEO of Brian Clowdus Experiences, the Alabama native turned roving director wants to do more than just tell a good story. He takes his reimagined shows to the next level through innovative techniques coupled with picture-perfect settings like hosting a musical production of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in a historic town, staging The Sound of Music on the side of a mountain and Mamma Mia on a beach. Clowdus is committed to redefining what site-specific productions can deliver. He brings his ideas to life on a large scale. He has even been known to sink a makeshift Titanic and orchestrate live helicopter landings. Brian has made a national name for himself by producing shows that do more than just tell a story. They immerse audiences in experiences, set in unique locations that are all-consuming, mesmerizing, and compelling. Magic is everywhere, sometimes you just have to look for it! Brian Clowdus offers you the opportunity to immerse your guests in experiences that redefine entertainment. We want you to be a part of the magic. With an award-winning background in site-specific theater, we can spearhead a collaborative partnership in which you tell us your dreams and we make them a theatrical reality. Contact us today for a consultation or site visit. Great experiences await!


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