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Butterflies of Granbury


Butterflies of Granbury is a vibrant and purpose-driven project established by UN1TY, a minority-owned business that was founded in 2021, with a clear mission to foster unity and positivity within our community. Inspired by the message of togetherness in Psalms 133:1, we believe that it only takes one person, guided by faith in Christ, to ignite the spirit of unity. Our name, "UN1TY", is a testament to this belief, reminding us that the goodness and pleasantness of unity among brethren is a powerful force. We aim to be a beacon of light and inspiration, bringing people together, and making our community a better place for all. Explore the enchanting world of Granbury's Local Businesses who participate in Butterflies of Granbury's Monarch Butterfly Statues with our City Tourist map! Discover the artistry of these stunning butterfly sculptures scattered throughout the city. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or an art lover, this map is your guide to witness the beauty of these vibrant installations in Granbury. Immerse yourself in the world of Monarch Butterfly statues as you follow their trail, each statue is a unique work of art waiting to be discovered.


  • Hours Information: Call ahead or visit website for current hours