Granbury's Signature Drink

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We announced “Two Shots Fired” as the winning drink of Granbury’s First Official Signature Drink Competition on May 24, 2019. 11 Competitors entered and highlighted their creation of a signature drink. The Granbury-themed drinks included everything from John St Helen Julip, Granbury Liquid Brunch, Lemon Drop on the Dock and Granbury Sunset.

Linda Husong and Susan Moore collaborated on the winning drink, Two Shots Fired:

"Granbury is 'Where History Lives' -- with that in mind Granbury’s signature drink is a double shot of murders: Jesse James and John Wilkes Booth.

Jesse James, aka J. Frank Dalton, became famously known for using pistols. Legend has it that Jesse escaped capture and changed his name, J. Frank Dalton. Right before his death, he confessed to the local sheriff that he was the murderous outlaw, Jesse James. This was later given weight after the sheriff observed postmortem and documented physical evidence of 32 bullet wounds, burned hands and feet, and rope burns around the neck on the dead body which still resides in the Granbury Cemetery under a pecan tree.

The second murder and legend is John Wilkes Booth, aka John St. Helen. After he escaped his capture for killing President Lincoln, he fled to Texas where it’s believed he had family located in the Glen Rose area. He made ends meet as a bartender at the saloon and mercantile store next door to the Opera House on Pearl Street. When he wasn’t bartending, you could find him at the Opera House where he enjoyed being an actor. But John couldn’t stay in Granbury and grow old like Jesse. He, like Jesse, while on his death bed confessed to the local sheriff that he was John Wilkes Booth. Even telling the local sheriff where the murder weapon was located and later recovered still wrapped in the newspaper article about the president’s murder. The problem was that John didn’t die. As fate would have it, he got better and had to leave his beloved opera house to flee capture. But he did return to his Opera House, and today roams the building still as a ghost. He was even recorded by paranormal investigators when asked replied, “Yes, I am John Wilkes Booth, you bastard”. – Susan Moore & Linda Husong

Two Shots Fired Recipe Card

“Two Shots Fired”

1st Shot is a Jesse James


1 Shot glass (1 oz) of Strong Black Rifle Murdered Out Coffee

1 Shot (1 oz) Pecan Whiskey

2nd Shot is a John Wilkes Booth


1 Shot Glass (1 oz) of Strong Black Rifle Murdered Out Coffee

1 Shot (1 oz) Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur

Now combine the Jesse James & John Wilkes Booth shots together and dust the top of the drink with unsweetened cocoa powder (we used this to represent the dirt they’re under) to make the Granbury Signature Drink!

Please drink responsibly.