Uniquely Granbury Podcast

Visit Granbury is excited to work with Drew Myers of Open Mouth Communications on producing the new and exciting travel podcast, Uniquely Granbury

This podcast celebrates those events, the incredible venues that host those events, and the community’s rich history – not to mention the people that tie it all together.

This is Uniquely Granbury.

Cemetery tour Podcast

Mary Ella Riley Podcast guest

Episode VIII - Granbury Cemetery Tour

On this episode of Uniquely Granbury, we’re going to address a longtime fascination with … cemetery tours. Yes … this is a thing, and it has been a thing for a long time. People love to visit cemeteries.The million-dollar question: Why? According to author and professor Keith Eggener.“Cemeteries are the coming together of these disparate states of life and death, nature and culture. Cemeteries are the places that those kinds of meetings of the past and the future come to the fore.”
That actually makes since. And it has to be why Tammy Dooley and her staff at Visit Granbury started to embrace the local cemetery and started promoting its cemetery tour in Granbury. They are kind of like this podcast, which puts an emphasis on the history and the people of this community. 

Featured Guests: Mary Ella Riley

Other guests include: Ben Holmes, Jack Martin, and Aaron McLain

Excerpt (Mary Ella Riley, about knowing the history of a community or town): “...it makes you have a little heart and love for some place when you know what happened from the beginning."

Excerpt (Tammy Dooley, when asked if Jessie James is actually buried in Granbury Cemetery): “Absolutely ... I embrace it. I will never not believe it. You cannot tell somebody in Granbury, Texas, that he is not. So, that's good enough for me."

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Granbury - Best Historic Small Town in America 


Music Friendly Designation

Music Friendly Granbury

Music Friendly Granbury Podcast

Episode VII - Music Friendly Texas Certified Community

Back in February 2023, Granbury, Texas, was designated as the 40th Music Friendly Certified Community by the Texas Music Office. On this episode of Uniquely Granbury, we’ll explain exactly what that means. Spoiler Alert: It’s a big deal. Tammy Dooley, director of Visit Granbury, confirms that bold claim in the first four minutes of the podcast. She also talks about her staff's significant role in making this vision a reality. Kristen Gibson, assistant director of Visit Granbury, is the one who spearheaded the initiative. On this episode, she discusses the process and hard work that went into the designation, and she shares the amazing ripple effect that is being felt across the Granbury Music Scene.

Featured Guests: Kristen Gibson & Tami McDonald

Excerpt (Kristen Gibson): “It's definitely a process and it's definitely a lot of work ... but when you look at our community and all of the joy that the music in our community brings, it's 100 percent worth it."

Excerpt (Tami McDonald): “All the musicians that I know just help each other out. That's the kind of music community that we're creating here in Granbury. It's all for one and one for all."

Other guests include: Chip Adams and Rebecca Meadors.

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Granbury Music Friendly Resources: https://www.visitgranbury.com/events/calendar/

Jean Cate 4th

raining float

Episode VI - Granbury's Hometown 4th of July Festival

Granbury’s Hometown 4th of July Festival has evolved into one of the community's signature events. Over the last 49 years, it has grown into an iconic extravaganza. The people and the stories have made this annual celebration ... legendary. On this episode of "Uniquely Granbury," we'll talk to the people who helped turn the 4th of July celebration into what it is today. Some of the stories shared on this podcast are humorous, while others are heartfelt and moving. All of them paint a beautiful picture of the 4th of July in Granbury, Texas. 

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Granbury Chamber of Commerce: https://granburychamber.com/hometown-4th-of-july/
Granbury Events: https://www.visitgranbury.com/events/calendar/


Spooky Clock 2021

brandy podcast

Episode V - Gettin' a Little Spooky

It gets a little spooky on this episode of Uniquely Granbury. We had the honor to sit down with Brandy Herr, the expert on paranormal activity in Granbury, Texas. Brandy's spooky resume is impressive. She started The Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour, she has written two books about spirits in Granbury and she is the co-founder of the Spooky Spectacle, Granbury's annual paranormal convention. We wanted to find out why so many ghosts and spirits haunt Granbury, Texas. 

Other guests include: Janice Horak and Gary Farina, who both have ghost stories of their own. 

Excerpt (Tammy Dooley when asked why she wanted to dedicate a podcast to Granbury's paranormal activity): “As long as we've been talking to visitors in Granbury, that's the topic they keep asking about and are interested in. Because rumors are out there that there are ghosts here in Granbury." 

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The Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour
– Spooky Spectacle: https://www.spookyspectacle.com
Granbury Events



podcast 4 micky

Episode IV - Granbury Opera House

On this episode, we put the Granbury Opera House in the spotlight. Host, Drew Meyer, interviews two gentlemen who have a heart for the Opera House and have played a significant role in what the Opera House has become - the anchor of the Granbury Square. On this episode, we sat down with Mickey Parson & Micky Shearon.

Micky Shearon is the president and director of the Granbury Theater Co. which handles the day-to-day operations of the Opera House.

Mickey Parson is an actor and community advocate in Granbury. He was on the Granbury City Council when the city decided to invest in the Opera House and help preserve the magic of the venue. He'll share the history and a handful of stories associated with the Opera House, including one of his most memorable moments on stage. 

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Sister Great Race

Episode III - The NEW Granbury Live! & The Great Race

Sister McRae, an advocate for everything Granbury, shares her story and the story of her brother Tom, who has left an incredible legacy in this community. From The New Granbury Live to The Great Race, Tom McRae's fingerprint can still be seen on Granbury's rich history. This episode is highlighted by love - love for a community and an undying love between a sister and her brother.

“The one word that comes to mind when you say 'Sister McRae' is iconic. She has a history like no other here in Granbury. What an elegant lady, classy lady. I've never seen her be anything but delightful. And she's just so connected." - Tammy Dooley, Director, Visit Granbury  

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Podcast Episode 2 - Memorial Lane

Episode II - Granbury's Memorial Lane

A trip to Branson, Missouri completely changed Julia Pannell’s life and ultimately gave life to a community treasure in Granbury, Texas. In this episode of Uniquely Granbury, Julia explains how she simply wanted to do more to honor the service men and women in her community. She also wanted to recognize the first responders. Julia Pannell wanted to celebrate all of their selflessness for putting their lives on the line for our safety and freedom. That is how Memorial Lane was born and it’s why it has become a must-see when people visit Granbury. From its inspiring glow at dusk to the annual events held onsite, Memorial Lane is a beautiful celebration of service and sacrifice. Besides our sit-down conversation with Julia, we interview a handful of other people who help capture the essence of the park and Julia Pannell’s heart for giving back.  

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Podcast Episode 1- BSHC

Episode I - The Power of Storytelling

The power of the story is on display at the Bridge Street History Center. Unlike most museums that are packed full of artifacts and relics, the History Center puts an emphasis on the stories that make Granbury’s history come to life. On this inaugural episode of Uniquely Granbury, we share a history-rich conversation with Maurice Walton, president of the Bridge Street History Center. We discuss his passion for Granbury's vibrant history, and we talk about his involvement with the museum. It's Maurice Walton's mission to keep Granbury's history from slipping away. 

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