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Granbury Memorial Lane


The Jim Burks Firefighters Memorial Park is a place dedicated to the memory of those lost in the line of duty and honors all those serving or who have served. Situated on the Hike & Bike Trail at the North Travis Street intersection, the park offers a moving statue of a lone firefighter. Just past the memorial is a firetruck playground suitable for children of all ages. At the time of dedication, this was one of only three such playgrounds in the world. ​Picnic tables are provided for families to enjoy the scenery and special atmosphere of the park and lane. This wonderful plaza is free and open to the public year round. It's the perfect place for a family outing, a picnic in the sun, or a relaxing afternoon in the shade. Renowned artist Mike Scovel has dedicated his time, heart, and skills to developing the one-of-a-kind life-size statues that enhance the park and lane. Within the Law Enforcement section, there is a statue of a young girl with her head bowed, holding a folded flag, entitled "Tears For The Fallen." ​The new Military section is enriched with the figure of a service dog bowing at the Military Cross for fallen military, entitled "Homage To A Compatriot." ​The two new sites to be included in the Memorial Lane project will include a large bronze marker between them that will include those major donors who have made this project a success.