Visit Granbury, Inc. introduces you to Sean Mitchell, entertainer, owner and executive producer of Big City Music Revue located at the Granbury Live and the voice of DQ (Dairy Queen) commercials.  


What is your hometown?

I was born in Dallas & my wife, Kishla, was born in Wichita Falls & our son, Brayton, was born in Houston.

What is your favorite place visited? Where would you most like to visit, but haven’t yet?

Favorite: Oregon. I would really like to vacation to Scotland/Ireland. (I’m an outdoor guy)

How would you describe Granbury to a potential visitor?

An incredible, picturesque community that cares about family, with much fun to be had by all and the nicest people in the state of Texas that you’ll ever have the privilege of meeting!

 Where would you take family that visits Granbury?

Big City Music Revue (for the best nostalgic concert experience in Texas), a great local restaurant (probably 1890 Grill…great food), a walk around the square for some great shopping and for a long drive in and around the great neighborhoods overlooking the lake (relaxing and beautiful)!

 What is the most common reaction you see or hear from first-time visitors to Granbury?

This is a great little town! And I had no idea there was this much talent here! (Obviously, I hear this a lot because of the folks that are coming to the theater to see and hear our concerts)

 What do you like best about your role in Granbury’s tourism industry?

I like knowing that I’m the guy that puts the smiles on their faces, takes them down memory lane and keeps the message of family alive, in a time when we all really need it.