On April 8, 2024, a rare opportunity is going to take place for North Central Texas residents and visitors! If you’re still hoping to see the full eclipse this year in the path of totality – Granbury is the place to celebrate, as we are the Celebration Capital of Texas!

What is a Total Eclipse?

During a solar eclipse, the moon completely blocks the sun, resulting in darkness during the day. The moon will appear the same size as the sun. This is a special event for our neck of the woods, and it doesn’t happen often.

Granbury will experience 2 minutes, 7 seconds of Eclipse totality. What is the path of totality, and why is it important? According to NASA, All of North America and Central America will experience a partial solar eclipse – but only those within the path of totality — an approximately 115-mile route through Mexico, the US, and Canada — will be able to see the moon entirely cover the sun.

Located just 45 minutes from the DFW Metroplex, Granbury is the ideal destination for experiencing the 2024 Total Eclipse with less traffic, special events, and much more.


Where can I watch it?

Granbury has many great locations to watch – whether it’s from the patio of your cozy Airbnb, or on the Lake Granbury beach, nearby City Parks, local restaurants’ patios, walking paths, and more.


Are there any special events?

Many of Granbury’s favorite spots are hosting special events to experience the Eclipse! Locals and visitors alike will gather at different establishments and picnics to celebrate before, during, and after the eclipse.
Don’t miss the Lunch In Black and viewing party on The Granbury Square from 11 am to 2 pm. This is an outdoor dining event featuring a delicious lunch of chicken salad, fresh fruit, chips, and dessert (by Hotel Lucy). Your ticket also includes vouchers for a special Eclipse Beer by Revolver Brewing and a bottle of wine from a participating winery, complete with a commemorative label and wine glass to toast the once-in-a-lifetime moment. Plus, receive special viewing glasses to witness the eclipse in all its glory.

Take part in pre-parties at Sledge Distillery and Acton Nature Center.  – ideal if you can’t miss work on Monday for the main event!

Learn straight from the experts at a free community lecture about solar eclipses on April 7th, more details here. This is great for the entire family!

And of course, experience the Eclipse at your choice of many local establishments! 


But Wait There's More!

At the end of the eclipse, head over to Visit Granbury at 3 pm for an exciting book release of the new Granbury, TX: A History of the Best Historic Small Town in America and meet local author and historian Dr. David K. Barnett. There will be complimentary wine and charcuterie to accompany your book signing!


Let’s cheers to the eclipse! We can’t wait to see you for this unique experience. See more special events on our local calendar here.

For EVERYTHING Eclipse in Granbury, click here!

Warning: We recommend taking necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Please wear the correct protective eyewear when looking at the sun.